Every Bottle Dry - Released March, 2007

Claymore: Spot On

Paddy's Caddy single released  May 2010

Claymore: Every Bottle Dry
Chris g​reve​
Folk/Celtic singer-songwriter

Claymore: Paddy
Claymore: Spot On

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Claymore: Every Bottle Dry

Spot On - Released October, 2009

Chris with Claymore

When one of my shows in Canada required a very energetic and party atmosphere, I would bring out my band Claymore, comprised of myself and Jim Taylor, along with other musicians,  to provide a solid backbeat and an energetic sound. I formed Claymore in approximately 1998, and I still perform many of the songs performed by Claymore, either as a solo acoustic show, or with various line-ups of musicians.

Tracks from both of Claymore's studio CD releases can be found here.

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