About Me

Chris Greve - About Me

I was born in London, England, grew up in Calgary, Canada, and am currently living back in England. I am based in Oswestry, Shropshire but travel to perform in all the areas of the UK and beyond.

​​I started my musical journey at the age of 4, which is my first recollection of owning a guitar. Since that time until this day, I have had a guitar close by, although mostly putting music on hold while raising my family. Starting up again later in life, I had a stronger drive and more clear vision of what path I wanted to take with my music, and I continue on that path today.

Although I try to not label my music, I suppose it would be best described as Celtic-Folk inspired.


Performing, composing, arranging, recording, & producing.

I can perform all my songs as a solo artists, in an acoustic style. I can also perform with just a lead player, such as a fiddler or guitarist. For events that require a fuller sound, I can bring a full band behind me. 

Any of these formats are more than comfortable for me.  

Sharing stories through song!

Although I love performing before a live audience, I also relish the time I have to create new compositions. I try to find a balance between these two, as well as many other activities. 


For the past 15 plus years, I’ve refined my technique and musicianship while taking it upon myself to grow as a musician and songwriter that all of the masters before me have successfully confronted. This has resulted in being very comfortable with and in front of audiences of all sizes.


… abundant in musical talent and full of charm

 “… came over and hit Devon by storm, bringing with them an evening constructed of a high quality songlist, abundant musical talent and charm” – Dee, Ryan’s Bar – Torquay, England

 … amazing sound … energetic… engaged

“… found the band extremely professional to work with. They were well received by the employees,  had amazing sound … would hire them again” –  Angela Braun – Westjet

 … they were great …

“They were great and played all the “Keithan” hits, east coast and pop/rock. They are based in Calgary, and they are awesome to work with too.” – Theresa Darmody, Labatts Brewery of Canada